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Love is the greatest because it glorifies both faith and hope, sanctifies every faculty and Christian grace, is the very moving impulse of the gospel, and is the one quality that is divine.

The Greatest of These

Discussion for 1 Corinthians Click here to view. MockingBird for verse In the Vines Greek Bible dictionary : Tells you to go to love : Love : Charity is love of a perfect Being : God : being expressed totally toward to entirely unworthy objects , me , a desire to help others seek the Giver of love : God : Love Charity seeks the welfare of all.

I must back up what I believe by the word of God : Else it will fall to the ground and have none effect. Kourtney for verse Charity means love that is why it is the greatest one out of all three.

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Anyone who does not love does not know God because God is love So to love is to know God, and to know God is everything. David benitez for verse Faith is the forgiveness hope for the goodnesss to come. Lisa for verse Charity is give to a person in need don 't hold your hand tide the lord can 't bless you Amen. Don for verse No matter how it 's translated, no matter what biblical, socioeconomic lens one chooses to view that chapter and verse, the foundational understanding that should be considered is how much of the three yea four are displayed in the totality of our lives?

Instead of loving one another in spite of our disagreements on issues, we shun each other so easily. We are so ready to pick up arms and go to battle over the silliest things these days. Nor are we called to do so.

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In John, Chapter 8, the story is told about the woman caught in adultery and the religious leaders of the day bring her to Jesus for judgement. The rules are clear. Anyone caught in bed with a married man and she had 5 previous husbands too!

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  5. But what did Jesus do? That is what Jesus does.. Now, we never find out exactly what Jesus was writing or drawing.

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    No stones were picked up. And one by one, all her accusers slink off. Who is condemning you now?

    Go and sin no more. You see, Jesus drew the line between us and him.

    Faith, Hope, and Love Bible Verse - 1 Corinthians

    Humans are just terrible at judging each other because we are biased and prejudice and misinformed —- so I am truly grateful that He set the example for us to follow. My prayer for us all is that we can get back to loving a little more than judging. Loving each other in spite of our differences. In spite of our flaws. We can do this people. Love on. Show a little grace.