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Why is Anna Bianchini crying? Courtesans were acceptable, but prostitutes were not, and in order to teach a lesson to the people of Rome, he would have prostitutes stripped to the waist, whipped, thrown with their back exposed over the back of a donkey and paraded around the city. Could the liquid beside her be a balm for her bleeding back, art historians have asked? How did the string of pearls break? What is the significance? A light falls on her and on an angel who is playing a song on a violin.

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On the left side of the painting a tired, old-looking Joseph is in the dark. He is holding up a sheet of music for a young boy angel oddly exposing himself to Joseph—another Caravaggio provocation of the Church? The donkey understands. The musical notes that Joseph is holding up, apparently is a Renaissance form of music called a Motet and is by a Flemish composer called Noel Bauldwijn. There is another Caravaggio painting where Anna Bianchini appears which I will mention quickly before I get to the tragic conclusion.

Anna is Martha on the left side of the painting and Fillide is Mary Magdalene on the right. I have not seen this painting in person, but I love its sensual representation of these two women discussing the sacred and profane. But on to my conclusion. The painting was removed shortly after it was put up? Because the image was too shocking.

The Virgin is splayed out on a table, her bare feet hanging off the end.

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She has a swollen belly, her dress is open, her face does not look saintly and her arm flops over in an indelicate manner. The only indication of her holiness is the lightly drawn halo over her head. The woman was clearly recognizable as the year-old Anna Bianchini, whose dead body had been dragged out of the Tiber River. Officials said it was suicide, her friends thought she had been murdered.

She is married to an Italian and is a Mamma of three.

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Trish I am moved by your writing, amazed by your artistic culture and ability to make links. Allegra — You are far too kind to me. To be honest, I am rather ignorant when it comes to art. I think Italians grow up with beautiful art all around them and have a basic understanding of art works that I never got growing up in the US.

However, I love looking into the stories of the people behind the art work I like. I have always been fascinated by the extravagant character of Caravaggio, and I was so moved by the story Anna Bianchini. I can appreciate the works more if I know the story behind them…I am less good at recognizing the simple esthetics of a work of art.

In fact, at the Gallery Doria Pamphilj in Rome, every inch of every wall has a painting by some famous artist. Fortunately, the other day I was just looking for one thing, the tear. Goodluck with your dissertation! I will be thinking of you. Dear Trisha, another great post, thanks so much, History and art are so much more interesting when we know about the people, not just dates and styles. Mary Jane.

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I am so happy to read your blogs when they arrive. And even a sad one is one I can devour. I have also enjoyed several visits to the Gallery Doria Pamphilj and in even ate lunch in the cafe you mention. The Gallery is certainly on my to-do-again list for when I return to Rome—I hope in late I now have one question from early in your story. You mentioned a photo pass. I assumed it would be no longer than a week. I didn't really respond.

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She told me they had gotten a house. I would be living with them permanently.

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I had to move in with them for I had to change schools?! I've been here for 3 years now.

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By the time I was 14 I knew something wasn't right with me. After doing a lot of research I thought I was either suffering from depression or I was bipolar. I couldn't figure it out, but I didn't want to see a doctor.

pierreducalvet.ca/49954.php All I wanted was to be left alone. I started having more and more problems and I was screwing up all my relationships, friendships I started dating Ryan not thinking that it would turn into anything serious. I just needed to be held. Little did I know that 16 months later we would still be together. He told me about it and told me that he suspected that it could be what was wrong with me. He said after everything he felt and had learned about it, he understood me way too well and that he recognized the symptoms. So I started doing research. Life by this point was falling apart, and I just needed to know what was wrong.

After all the research I did on bpd I figured there was very high chance it was my problem.


I tried to talk to my parents, but they never did listen. So, I've been pretty much on my own. That's how I got here. What is BPD? The kids at school would make fun of her because she prayed over her food. Anna came from a Christian home, where they believed in thanking God and blessing their food before they ate.

Deborah, Annas mother, didnt quite yet know what she was going to do. She thought maybe she would talk to the principal because not only did the kids laugh, but also a girl named Tabitha bullied her every day. Tabitha always told her she was ugly because she wore glasses and wore funny clothes. Anna always wore nice dresses, and Tabitha made fun of that.