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Despite being the most popular lower body exercise on the planet, the barbell back squat is also the one most commonly performed incorrectly. If squatting is causing you knee or lower back pain, there's a good chance that your form is off. The first place to start with is your feet. Turn your toes out 30 degrees so they're not pointing dead straight.

Be sure to keep your heels rooted firmly on the floor as you squat down and come back up again. Many people are naturally quad dominant, which means their heels lift off the floor as they come up out of their squat. Doing so prevents proper glute activation, which limits your overall power and can cause postural imbalances.

Next, make sure your hips are bending with your knees. When your hips don't bend correctly it puts excess pressure on your lower back. Squat with a natural arch like when you stand - rounding or excess arching of the back can cause serious spinal issues.

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Finally, be sure to squeeze your abdominals tight to maintain proper centre of gravity and prevent excess spinal loading. Done correctly, a squat is one of the most effective abdominal exercises - although most people fail to engage their abdominals at all. Depth is key here, so take your hips just below your knees before you come back up again.

It's far better to have a greater range of motion with a lighter weight, than going too heavy with little depth. Anyone can rest a heavy barbell on their back. The number one problem with most people's deadlift is the lack of proper glute activation. Your glutes are the biggest and most powerful muscle in your body, so unlocking their potential is the secret to increasing the weight on your big lifts.

Most people do not activate their glutes enough when deadlifting, and end up putting extra pressure on their lower back and hamstrings. To make sure your glutes are really firing as you deadlift, concentrate on driving your hips forward with every movement and contracting your glutes at the top of each rep. Keep your back straight and your glutes out to minimise spinal loading. If your range of motion in your hips is not great, consider putting the bar on a raised platform to avoid reaching down so far.

If the deadlift is causing you pain in your lower back, modify the movement to make sure you can do it safely. Lastly, don't fall into the trap of max loading your deadlift too often to try and hit a 1RM. The deadlift is the most taxing exercise on your central nervous system, so going too heavy too often will impair your recovery and cause your other lifts to suffer. Instead, work in the 8 - 12 rep range with good form.

The ONLY 7 Exercises Men Need To Build Muscle

Notice a theme developing here? The bigger, more demanding lifts are the ones most commonly performed incorrectly. The overhead press often follows the same theme, causing shoulder pain in many people who execute it with poor form.

When preparing for the overhead press, your feet should be corkscrewed into the floor and your abdominals tight. Make sure you keep your rib cage down as the bar goes overhead. Most people let it lift upwards, which puts unnecessary weight on the lower back.

You should also be lifting with a thumbless grip - which means having your thumbs on the same side of the bar as your fingers. This allows for a more natural pressing path whilst also minimising the stress on your wrists. Squeezing your glutes together on every repetition will also help protect your lower back and increase the force behind the bar. When doing squats, it is vital to keep a neutral spine and raised chest. Bend your knees and make sure to keep them pointing straight ahead when lowering your body down and rising from a squat.


9 exercises you’re doing wrong at the gym

Remember to press your hips behind as if sitting in a chair. Start by lying on your stomach with your hands directly underneath the shoulders. Press your hands into the mat and your heels back to raise your body off the floor, keeping a straight, diagonal line. Begin on a high plank position with your hands directly beneath the shoulders. With straight arms and braced abs, lower yourself to the floor until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Regardless of the body part in contact with the floor whether toes or knees , make sure to keep a straight line with your hips in line with the spine.

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  6. When lowering down, keep your eyes on the floor without bending your neck, keeping it in line with the spine throughout the exercise. Avoid lowering further down and compromising proper form. Start by gripping the pull-up bar slightly wider than your shoulders with your hands facing away from you.

    Pull yourself up until your chin is above the pull-up bar. Hold the position, then gently lower yourself down. Above anything else, proper form should be a priority when doing workouts. Proper form is key to hitting the right muscles and working towards your goals. Which exercise do you find hard to maintain proper form? One day you decide you want to lose weight and start an exercise regimen.

    You choose what diet you wish to go through and feel good that you are. Despite its many healthy effects, water can be boring. No wonder many people find it hard to gulp at least 8 glasses a day. I bet you usually find yourself caught in the middle of schedule conflicts.

    Desk Challenge

    And boy, it keeps you from following your evening exercise routine! This leaves you no choice but. Maybe you also want to lift heavy weights but are hindered by the. But for some reason, those are usually the parts where the chocolate cake and ice. Some people say that when food tastes bland and looks unappetizing, it must be healthy.

    These Are the Butt Exercises You're Doing Wrong and What to Do Instead, According to 4 Trainers

    Counting your. There are many ways to successfully lose weight, often times you can achieve it by simply balancing out your workout and diet. However, add hunger fighting foods to your diet,. No other physical activity could match how yoga embraces a full rejuvenation and rehabilitation of mind, body and spirit. For whatever reason you might decide to embark on a yoga.

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