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It really seems like it is well spanked at this moment : Visited 82 times, 1 visits today. I am not appealing to such a right. I am suggesting that, in contrast to alcohol consumption, adults do not possess a right to spank their children. In general, that x lacks a right to do A to y does not imply that y has a right against A: for x might lack the right to do A to y for reasons other than that y has a right against it.

Indeed it might still be permissible for x to do A to y. Even if adults lack a right to spank their children, it does not follow that children have a right against being spanked by their parents, and indeed spanking might still be permissible under certain circumstances. Another disanalogy between spanking and drinking is that where spanking inherently involves the infliction of pain, mild alcohol consumption not only routinely causes pain to no one but is a highly enjoyable activity for very many people.

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Recreational drinking is a source of considerable pleasure, and is usually carried out for that end. Hence this is another reason to think that mild drink- ing might be permissible even if spanking is not. However, I hasten to point out that the fact that an activity is pleasurable does not suffice to make it permissible. Consider, for instance, my ear- lier example of cocaine use.

Both inflict pain, and produce qualitatively similar reactions from the child. So neither a spanking parent nor an observer is well-placed to notice if a blow just administered was unduly forceful. By contrast, excessive drinking is typically accompanied by signs that one has crossed a line, as it were.

It should be quite clear, to others present even if not to oneself, that one has had too much to drink when one finds oneself unable to walk straight. But these are reasons to find ways to undermine the cultural standard that approves of drinking to excess, and to tighten the laws surrounding the purchase of alcohol; not to judge all drinking impermissible. By contrast, we cannot exert comparable control over cor- poral punishment. Most punishment occurs in private and is thus not easily amenable to legal regulation. There can be no corporal punishment analog to a law against selling alcohol to intox- icated individuals.

So in most cases, it is up the parent to realize that he or she is beginning to hit harder than is acceptable. But as I have said, such a realization may be made difficult by the paucity of immediate cues about the level of force being used. Let me recap the last few paragraphs.

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There is the fact that there is plausibly a right in adults to drink — but not a right to spank. There is the inherent pleasurableness of mild drinking — which spanking lacks. There is the fact that social and legal restraints can be brought to bear in order to limit drinking — which is far less the case for corporal punishment. All in all, then, my argument does not generalize as easily as Baumrind et al. It does not threaten to show that all drinking is morally impermissible.

In general, an action may be permissible even if it carries a significant risk of escalation to substantial harm — especially if the harm is most directly to one- self, and if it is readily possible to forestall the escalation. It is easy to slip from one to the other precisely because in practice they are not eas- ily distinguishable. But complaints from the child would likely be taken simply as a sign that the punishment has been effective. I therefore do not find useful the suggestion by Baumrind et al.

But there is no reason to think that parents can make such a self-assessment.

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Re- searchers have some clues about which parental characteristics are predictors of abuse, but it is neither feasible nor justifiable for all parents to be screened for such predictors; and even if such screening were done, it would not be perfect, and would certainly miss some parents who would later become abusive. It would thus be better if everyone refrained from spanking — or so I am arguing. Conclusion I have argued that the risk of escalation makes spanking wrong for anyone who can reasona- bly expect to be in a position to regularly spank a child in future — most notably, but not exclu- sively, the parents.

The key elements of my argument are that the risk of escalation is real, and that spanking is unnecessary. If there were no risk of escalation, then spanking might be permis- sible even if strictly unnecessary. If spanking were sometimes the most effective disciplinary method, making its use a practical necessity, then it would be permissible unless the risk of esca- lation were of sufficient size and severity to outweigh its disciplinary effectiveness.

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  8. However, no calculation of costs and benefits is required, for there is little reason to think that spanking is any more effective than other available methods of discipline. Even its defenders typically do not claim that it is; rather they claim that it is no less effective. The risk might not exist in all cases; some parents might be capable of spanking safely without escalating.

    But since one cannot be sure in advance whether one is at risk of escalation — and given, again, the fact that alternative methods of punishment exist — the best policy is not to spank at all. Even if children have no right against spanking, they nevertheless ought not to be spanked.

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    While spanking is convenient, mere con- venience does not justify an unnecessary action that carries a significant risk of substantial harm. Of course, spanking is only very mildly blameworthy. As I said at the start, it is not at all equivalent to severe beating or child abuse. Spanking is not an appalling moral lapse, and parents need not overburden themselves with guilt if they happen to use it, especially if they do so in the sincere belief that it is safe, justified, and even necessary.

    After all, most instances of spanking will not in fact lead to serious harm. Indeed, this fact makes it easy to understand why spanking is com- monly seen as permissible even if, as I have argued, it is not. For a listing, see pp. Sweden led the way in My own interest in the is- sue arose when my home country, New Zealand, effectively outlawed corporal punishment in An argument against spanking 15 v In Their Best Interest? For dueling meta-analyses, see Eliza- beth T. Hotaling, D. Finkelhor, J. Straus eds. Gerbner, C. Zigler eds. Thanks also to a reviewer for this journal for pushing me to come up with a more effective example in this section.

    Perhaps, that is, when we say that Beth should have stopped, we are saying that while she has not done anything morally wrong again, I ignore the illegality of her action , she has unwisely increased the chance of her doing so on future occasions.

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    5. There are actions on which this would be the correct judgment. But in cases like this the initial action e. By contrast, my concern is with cases in which the initial action is of just the same type as the harmful action to which it can lead. As such, the initial action will itself carry some risk of harm, albeit much less than its escalated followers. Relatedly, there is the question of how to enforce a law against spanking, given that so much of it happens in private. But I do think that it would be, at the least, much less morally problematic for such a person to spank a child.

      Yet many would say that the consumption of any alcohol prior to driving indeed should be condemned; so as Benatar states it the objection is of uncertain force. I therefore generalize it to the worry which Baumrind et al.

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      Douglas N. An argument against spanking 17 Whether the use of a given drug — be it caffeine or alcohol or cocaine — is morally reprehensible must be decided by looking at the relevant empirical details: the steepness of the slippery slope to abuse for that drug, the harm that can result from abuse of it, and so on. On those details, cocaine may well turn out morally worse than al- cohol — though see Husak for some surprising empirical details on this score.

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