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Even the Church has turned its back on the regime. His only remaining allies seem to be his Oxford-educated daughter, Conchita, and his wife, the First Lady. And the First Lady of the Carolines is no exception to the rule. George Daniels and his wife, Vienna, had not expected to get involved in a war. But a renegade colonel disrupts the balance of power between the dictatorship and the insurgent hill armies, flooding the Thai border with refugees. George discovers information crucial to ending the conflict—and his wife is held hostage to prevent his using it—at the Flame Tree truce conference.

Despite the natural hospitality of many Thai people and the efforts of individuals and NGOs involved in support programs, the reality of life in the frontier region rarely matches the dream. In Frontier Mosaic, author Humphries provides first-hand accounts and his own observations of the personalities he encounters, on both sides of the border, as he traverses the length of the Thai- Burma frontier. We are introduced enroute to the insurgent soldier, the mother, the migrant and the artist, among many other typical inhabitants. In tales of hope and dashed dreams, certainties and ambiguities, conflict, exploitation and coexistence, Humphries paints an informative and empathetic picture of life in the region, of interest to specialists and general readers alike.

Long regarded as containing some of the finest detail of all mountaineering literature, this work, often quoted in later biographies, was published for the first and only previous time in Long out of print and previously virtually unobtainable. George Mallory by David Robertson , The climbers carefully buried it, with appropriate ceremony, under large rocks at an undisclosed spot. Then on to a happy marriage, service in the First World War, and participation in the Everest Expeditions of the Twenties.

Two deep devotions—to the spirit of adventure and to his family and personal friends—were the mainsprings of his life. This book, first published in , shows him not only as a mountaineer of extraordinary skill and action. It portrays a man who developed lively interests in the fields of literature, the arts and the main social and political controversies of his day, and one whose circle of friends included some of his most brilliant contemporaries. For several years he was co-editor of the American Alpine Journal.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a general introduction to sources in the IOR for the study of minority histories of Burma. The guide contains extensive lists of references, but it also contains introductory comments on the structure of the India Office Records as a whole, to help researchers make the best use of this wonderful historical resource.

The primary focus is on English language sources relating to the period —, but there are also brief comments on sources outside this frame of reference. Despite an estimated 4 million tons of US bombs, efforts to stop the transport of essential goods to the North Vietnamese Army over the Trail failed, and by the end of the war over a million tons of supplies had been transported and 2 million troops had traversed the Trail. At its peak there were , people working on the Trail.

Throughout the war around 20, died, some 30, were seriously injured; the numbers of people affected by chemical spraying and unexploded bombs are still unrecorded.

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The author and photographer, the first Westerners to traverse the entire length of the Trail, trace the footsteps of the hundreds of thousands who designed, built, used and fought along it. Sir John Reith] [Read praise for this book from prominent sources]. Sakhong First edition , x, pp. Sakhong has spent most of his adult life engaged in the struggle with the oppressive rulers of Burma for the reinstatement of justice and basic freedoms for his ethnic group, the Chin people, as well as for other Burmese ethnic minority peoples and in fact for all Burmese.

He has written and spoken relentlessly in support of this noble cause with an uncommon degree of energy, intelligence and eloquence, all to a degree that has gained him significant honours and his cause wide attention. The present collection of Dr.


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A highly informative, even inspirational, read, both for those new to the cause of human rights in Burma and for those who have long been engaged in this historic effort. Lian H. A post-graduate student at Rangoon University when the student-led democracy movement erupted in , he quickly joined the movement and was arrested, interrogated and even tortured by the military junta on three separate occasions between and He continued his studies in Sweden following his escape from Burma and was awarded the Ph.

He has since both written and edited a series of books and papers on the political and social situation in modern Burma and was recognized for his efforts to improve the lives of all Burmese people with the award of the Martin Luther King Prize, in Introduction to Thai Reading: by Rungrat Luanwarawat Introduction to Thai Reading, designed to be a comprehensive foundation of 24 progressive lessons, will pave the way towards a solid and advanced knowledge of the Thai language.

Those who complete the book will have acquired not only essential Thai reading skills, but also the vocabulary and grammar needed for basic Thai speaking.

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She spent the early years of her life in Cambodia, surrounded by the magnificent ruins of the Khmers, and produced the present study at age Her fine line drawings present the myriad details of ornament and costume depicted on the stone reliefs of Angkor Wat with a clarity that could not be captured, even then, on film. During their incredibly arduous 2, kilometre trek, mostly on foot and at times in great danger, they recorded the history of a forgotten year war, an account which otherwise would never have been committed to paper in such rich detail.

Land of Jade further provides poignant descriptions of the efforts of simple ethnic tribes-people to forge lives amid the larger struggles of political antagonists, drug lords, foreign interlopers and assorted other opportunists—a situation that remains painfully relevant to many in diverse locations to the present day. Korean and Japanese both possess important early written records, until now either ignored or largely misrepresented by those who dismiss the Altaic hypothesis.

The author shows that these texts, when approached with proper philological precision, bolster the Altaic hypothesis in much the same way that the discovery of Tokharian and Hittite materials earlier stimulated and clarified Indo-European historical linguistics. For the new arrival, Lets Speak Lao is the only tool the visitor will need to start to communicate with Lao people.

Phrasebooks abound, but how does one begin to master the unique sounds of the language, required of the very first Thai words the visitor attempts? In addition to tackling all of the needed topics from greetings to shopping, food and drink, accommodation and transport, each copy includes a mini-CD ROM containing over 20 minutes of carefully structured pronunciation lessons, presented by the author, a veteran language trainer, together with native speakers. Records indicate that it has been a favourite of the literary classes for more than 2, years; Confucius himself was a great lover of the instrument.

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Over the centuries, it became representative of the life, taste and pastimes of the Chinese literati. In addition to its contributions to solo and orchestral musical arrangements, a wealth of symbolic meaning accrued to the lute, over time. Not only was knowledge of the instrument reserved for the literati, its study was believed to be conducive to meditation and to facilitate intellectual enlightenment. While a significant body of literature has been written on the lute in Chinese, the present monograph is the first to assemble a broad picture of the instrument and its cultural significance in English.

The author, a renowned Sinologue and linguist, studied the playing of the instrument under one of the most famous lute masters of his age. Gimlette , [] pp. Gimlette, a British physician, resided in the Malay State of Kelantan for over a decade, during which he gathered the data that comprises the core of this work.

Banks , American Anthropologist, Vol.

The 20 best novels of Thailand (A Thai modern classics anthology)

It recounts the tale of the epic struggle between Mara, the Lord of Delusion, and the followers of The Great Teacher, for the hearts and minds of the populace. Mara plots the seduction of these last four virtuous citizens to secure his final victory. Will hatred and greed defeat love and generosity? Will jealousy and fear vanquish bravery and respect? Buddha, Dharma, Sangha by Gerald Roscoe Mi Fu on Ink-stones Translated with commentary by R.


R H van Gulik. The importance of the ink-stone as an essential tool of the Chinese literati and thus the importance of our understanding its nature to our overall comprehension of Chinese brushwork, is but one aspect of the present work. The inkstone is, in addition to a tool, a work of art in its own right, combining the skill and wit of the sculptor with the ancient Chinese tradition of appreciation of beautiful stones. The consequence of their response sets in motion their relationship and reveals a past, connected to the dead man, which each of them has tried to avoid confronting.

Throughout the novel lurks the dark presence of the Naga, the unpredictable and powerful element of water, potentially both nurturing and destructive. The tale reaches its climax when Bangkok, a city degenerating morally as well as physically, is threatened by a massive flood, an event that ends in tragedy and catharsis for the three friends. Distinctive prose. Rich in imagination.

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Tew Bunnag has skilfully recreated the complexity of contemporary Thai society. He enables the reader an understanding of its delicate interdependence by creating his own intricately woven setting of high society, police mafia, prostitution, slum dwelling and ecological devastation.

Research was carried out in the British Library—Indian and Oriental Collection in London for valuable material concerning the British colonial period and its response to nationalist and student protests. Post-colonial material is complemented by extensive interviews in Burma, Thailand and Australia.

The account is at times a harrowing one, underscoring the repeated dashed hopes for freedom, and the confusion and contradictions amongst Burmese themselves as to the right path to be followed to achieve true independence. In the Epilogue, the author brings us forward to Regrettably, little has changed since then; for Burma democracy seems as far away as ever.

Edited by Nancy Gardner Cassels This is an edited collection of documents which Prof. Mukherjee selected during the very last years of his life for their importance to the history of the Jagannath Temple in Orissa, India, and their relationship with British administrators in the early nineteenth century. The documents represent the archival evidence which formed the basis for the first half of his book, History of the Jagannath Temple in the 19th Century, published in In this selection he comments on the significance of particular documents, but since he did not live to complete the task, the editor has annexed to the twenty-six primary documents supplementary citations from other sources.

In linguistic circles, the development of Quoc Ngu has long been attributed primarily to the efforts of a 17th century French missionary to Vietnam, Alexandre de Rhodes. Drawing on previously unpublished 17th century works in Latin and contemporary correspondence in Portuguese, the author demonstrates the pivotal role played by Portuguese clerics in the development of the script. In doing so, he also explains the many fascinating synergies between Quoc Ngu and written Portuguese.

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An original and important new work on Vietnamese linguistics, this book is of interest not only to scholars of Asian languages, but also to all with interest, either professional or lay, in the history of medieval Vietnam and its development into the modern state. ISBN Price to be announced.

ISBN Essays on the sources, usage, social significance and folklore of some of the most prominent precious materials in the history of China, South Asia and the Himalayas. A rich source of information on the anthropological implications of these materials, and the sometimes subtle links that developed between East and West in the quest for these treasured substances. Berthold Laufer was one of the earliest and most erudite Western scholars of Asian culture.