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They roost in groups of 3 — 5 birds during the night. They are mostly found in dry Acacia areas, but also in the Kalahari. But I do think it is mostly hunters and photographers that tell them to go-away as they warn every living thing in the area that a human is near! No effort is made to line the nest and eggs can often be seen from the ground.

The Go-away Bird also makes no effort to hide the nest. In sharp contrast to their general behavious, the Grey Go-away bird is very quiet around the nest and will disappear quietly when then nest is approached. The Grey-Go Away Bird is probably monogamous. Cunene Birds: Spotted Thick-Knee.

The Bare-faed go-away bird | Birds of Eden Free Flight Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Feeding habits: It feeds mainly on fruits, with a preference for berries, but also on leaf buds and seeds. Nest: Nests are built mostly in tall acacia trees. Eggs: The bare-face go-away bird lays 2 to 3 greenish-white oval eggs. Description: Bare-faced go-away birds are large birds measuring approximately cm from beak to tail, and weighing around g. They have a characteristic long tail and crest. This may be our best alternative, as we are not "locked in" if by chance it does not go well for us. Or -- does this seem like it won't be worth it, and we should look for alternative experiences for our family?

This is clearly a big problem for you. Have you considered something like hypnotherapy for your daughter or do you think it's something she'll grow out of. If you want to see wild animals in their natural environment, then you'll probably need to go to a reserve - either a National Park or a private reserve.

Southern Africa Birds: Cape Batis

The best way to do this is almost certainly to overnight. Don't forget that, like many places, South Africa has an abundance of birds and they certainly don't stick to reserves. Many hotels have well watered gardens that some species find very attractive. Usually they will be at a "safe" distance, but they will always be about.

At the coast there will be gulls and waders and at Boulders Beach near Cape Town , lots of penguins - you really should try to see these - they might help your daughter to conquer her fear. If a reserve sound like too much, then there are small numbers of mammals mountain zebra, bontebok etc. They will not be quite exciting as the elephants, giraffes and rhinos of the big reserves further north.

Difficult to advise how other people should deal with their children.

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If it was my slightly older kids I'd just clip them round the earhole and say "pull yourself together". Only joking of course, but I'm not sure that you should let one person's phobia spoil the holiday for everyone else. We've put quite a lot of mammal photos on our website, www.


I'm afraid it will be a while before I can put any supporting text together. Let your daughter have a look at the photos, all of which are of wild animals and mostly taken in reserves and national parks. If the is enthused by any of them, then point out that there will be birds around too and ask if she'll be alright, if it means she can get that close to antelopes etc. Obviously you'll know the best way to talk to her, but it might help. Thanks again for your advice. I think I may be zeroing in on some plans My thoughts now are to fly to George and spend 4 - 5 days there, where we can do a combo of activities - a few places have been suggested and we are considering the Lake Pleasant Hotel - ever hear of it?

Then we will fly or drive to Capetown for days and then it has been suggested to go to Bushman's Kloof for a splurge. It seems my daughter might do better in a place like that, where we can do some hiking and learn about the rock paintings and the Bush people as well. Do you know anything about it? The other place I was considering is Kagga Kamma I think she will outgrow this and she can be reasoned with at times, but other times she can't and it's kind of unpredictable Thanks again and always listening to new ideas! Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

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Gray Go-away-bird

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