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This question is often asked and is a great source of anxiety to many people. The brain quickly recovers from a hypo and there is unlikely to be permanent damage, even after a severe attack with convulsions. Very prolonged hypoglycaemia can occur in a patient with a tumour that produces insulin, and if someone is unconscious for days on end then the brain will not recover completely. This is not likely to occur in people with diabetes, in whom the insulin wears off after a few hours. The vast majority of sports are perfectly safe for people with diabetes.

The problem lies in those sports where loss of control due to a hypo could be dangerous, not only to you but to your fellow participants or to spectators.

Type 2 Diabetes Answers at your Fingertips

Swimming is an example of a potentially dangerous sport but by taking certain precautions it is safe to swim. However, in other sports e. For this reason the governing bodies of these high-risk sports discourage people with diabetes from taking part. Discouragement does not necessarily mean a total ban - the restrictions may vary depending on whether you are on diet, diet and tablets, or insulin.

You can always contact the appropriate governing body and ask for their advice, and find out what if any restrictions they impose. In general, stress and worry tend to increase the blood glucose. A Scottish student told us that in the run up to her final examination, she had to double her insulin dose to keep perfect blood glucose control, even though she did not appear to be particularly anxious to her friends.

Stress causes a release of adrenaline and other hormones which antagonize the effect of insulin. During periods of stress it may be difficult to keep to strict meal times, so you could be going hypo. You need to check your blood glucose and, if it is not below normal, then you are simply experiencing the tiredness we all feel after studying hard. Don't blame it on your diabetes but have an evening off from your studies.

My teenage son has had diabetes since the age of seven. He is now beginning to show an interest in going out with his friends in the evening. What advice can you give him about alcohol? Most people with diabetes drink alcohol and it is perfectly safe for them to do so. However, if your son is on insulin he must be aware of certain problems that alcohol can cause - in particular alcohol can make hypos more serious.

When someone goes hypo a number of hormones are produced which make the liver release glucose into the blood stream.

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If that person has drunk some alcohol, even as little as two pints of beer or a double measure of spirits, the liver will not be able to release glucose and hypos will be more sudden and more severe. In practice most alcoholic drinks also contain some carbohydrate which tends to increase the glucose in the blood. So the overall effect of a particular alcoholic drink depends on the proportions of alcohol to carbohydrate. Your son may notice that 'diabetic' lager is more likely than ordinary beer to cause a hypo because it contains less carbohydrate but more alcohol.

If your son has been drinking in the evening then his blood glucose may drop in the early hours of the morning.

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To counteract this it would be sensible for him to eat a sandwich or some similar long-acting carbohydrate before going to bed. The best way for your son to discover how a certain alcoholic drink affects him is to do an experiment. He could stay at home one evening with a supply of his favourite drink and by measuring his blood glucose every hour he would actually discover how different quantities of drink affected him.

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Someone else could also stay at home to do the blood tests for him. The experiment would provide useful information and could prevent an awkward experience later on. People are sometimes accused of being drunk when really they have become hypo after a modest amount of alcohol. NEVER stop insulin if you feel ill or sick.

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Check your blood sugar - you may need extra insulin even if you are not eating very much. If you are vomiting and unable to keep down fluids, you probably need to go to hospital for an intravenous drip. NEVER risk driving if your blood sugar could be low. People with diabetes DO lose their driving licences if found at the wheel when hypo. Repeated vomiting, drowsiness and laboured breathing are bad signs in someone with diabetes. They suggest impending coma and can be treated ONLY in hospital. A person who is hypo may not be in full command of his or her senses and may take a lot of persuasion to have some sugar.

Jam or a sugary drink e. Lucozade may be easier to get down than Dextro-energy tablets. Hypostop, a glucose gel, may be useful. If you are feeling unwell, eating solid foods may not be possible and you may need to rely on sweet fluids to provide the necessary carbohydrate. Liquids such as cold, defizzed i. Do not worry about eating the exact amount of carbohydrate at the correct time but take small amounts often. This is LOW blood sugar. Also called a hypo, a reaction or an insulin reaction. Signs and symptoms include:.

Click here if you would like to find out more about diabetes, or indeed one of the other conditions covered by the 'At your fingertips' range. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Type 2 diabetes is more likely to happen amongst people over the age of thirty, and above average weight.

The onset of type 2 diabetes is usually more slow, and initial symptoms can be negligible.

Type 2 diabetes : answers at your fingertips

The initial treatment for type 2 diabetes is usually diet and exercise and potentially medication such as metformin. If you have type 2 diabetes, this Answers at Your Fingertips book has been written for you. Diabetes Type 2 - Answers at your fingertips is a practical handbook that makes it easier for you to learn about and live with type 2 diabetes. Over the course of key questions about every aspect of living with the condition, the authors constructively provide a wealth of knowledge to help their readers deal with diabetes.

A huge variety of questions are asked and answered. These are divided into helpful chapters such as: What is Diabetes , treatment without insulin , monitoring and control, life with diabetes, complications, self-help groups and much more.

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Answers at your Fingertips, is set out in a questions and answers format addressing many topics seen as fundamental to people with diabetes. Prediabetes Gestational Type 1. Pregnancy Parents Youth. Diabetes Management.

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